Project Consultancy

Bangladesh and its people are regarded as among the most innovative and inventive in the world when it comes to problem-solving at the "grass roots" level. It has often been said that ....necessity is the mother of invention and nowhere is this truer than in Bangladesh where people have developed the creativity and resourcefulness to deal with a whole host of manufacturing problems at a fraction of the cost it is done in other countries. No where are the services of TD technical personnel more in demand in this area than in assisting small and medium-size enterprises in other countries which are either starting-up new production lines or seeking to improve on an existing one; often using cheap 2nd-hand or reconditioned production equipment in the process. A good example of this is reconditioning a complex machine like a Heidelberg printing press or refurbishing used sophisticated plastic injection molding machinery which are normally well beyond the economic capability of most small/medium companies.

Team Dhaka is committed to offering its clients in any part of the world a complete 'package' of technical services to any firm interested in setting-up a new industrial enterprise or improving upon an existing one. Our range of services not only includes working closely with our clients in the basic management decisions in conceptualizing the project, but also in sourcing and reconditioning the used or 2nd hand production machinery purchased in this regard and also help them work out the various manpower, production and marketing considerations connected with the project. We are also prepared to send our technical personnel to the project site to carry-out various work tasks needed to bring the project to a successful conclusion. Easy payment terms can be arranged to suit the client's satisfaction as the project comes on stream.

The type of Consultancy Services which Team Dhaka is able to offer prospective clients includes:

  • Preliminary project formulation and preparation of feasibility studies;
  • Site selection and soil, i.e. foundation testing;
  • Assist in the selection and training of local manpower for the project;
  • Civil engineering work including structural design of the factory;
  • Design of various utilities, i.e. water, power, gas, steam, HVAC etc.
  • Design of appropriate waste disposal, heat-recovery systems;
  • Assist in the selection of local erectors and contractors;
  • Development of suitable manufacturing and management systems;
  • Sourcing and reconditioning/repairing used production machinery;
  • Installation of production machinery and commissioning of unit;
  • Developing a suitable maintenance and equipment repair capability;

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