Information Technology Services

TEAM DHAKA's skilled IT experts will enable your firm to achieve strategic goals, significantly reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and help deal with the current economic down-turn which is proving increasingly difficult for many small and medium-sized firms to handle. Our IT outsourcing services on your behalf will be done carefully, systematically and with your company's explicit needs in mind. And, these services to you will be truly cost-effective, efficient, conducted in a secure way and provided on-time! Whatever the size or complexity of the information technology tasks to be performed for you, our staff will see to it that the job is done according to your customized needs and requirements. From the 'conceptualization stage' onward, our experienced IT experts will work with your staff on a step-by-step basis until the actual 'commissioning' of the project has been achieved to your full satisfaction.

TEAM DHAKA's support will enable your company to acquire the latest "cutting-edge" information technology and thereby gain the competitive advantages it needs to help it grow and prosper. TD's core technical services in this area include the following:

  1. Non-Web based Applications Development: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Accounting, Project Management etc.

  2. Website design and redesign: Graphical design of websites, banner, logo, flash intro, flash promotional, site template design and coding etc.

  3. Website development: Custom design and development, Open source Content Management Systems (CMSs) customization includes Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress etc.; Forum include PHPBB, SMF etc., Project Management Tools: Redmine, phpProject etc., Learning Management Systems (LMSs) include Moodle, Docebo etc.; Online Shopping to shipping business integration, e.g. ecommerce, shopping cart etc. Enterprise Resource Planning (Openbravo, Open ERP etc.), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) etc.

  4. Website promotion: Social bookmarking submission, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Link Building, Promotional plan and engagement.

  5. Other Services: Software testing and reporting; Data Entry.

TEAM DHAKA's highly skilled technicians will be able to help your company with a wide range of cost-effective IT solutions to help your firm increase its marketplace share and overall competitiveness. Working closely together we will be able to find new ways to make this happen! Our team will offer you technical expertise in the areas: PHP/MySQL, AJAX,,, JAVA, ORACLE 9i, Web 2.0 including industry standard platforms and technologies.


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