Company Profile

Team Dhaka offers its clients, custom-made "cost-caring" solutions in helping them solve their various information technology problems. Drawing on Bangladesh's large pool of skilled and experienced manpower who come from a variety of technical and engineering backgrounds, TD is able to devote its considerable staff resources in order to address your individual and/or corporate needs and circumstances. As the world's 10th most populous country, it is relatively easy for our company, which has sub-offices throughout Bangladesh, to organize whatever technical talent it takes to help you achieve the desired results in the shortest period of time.

Team Dhaka can handle assignments for you in a way that brings immediate cost-benefits, especially for those companies who do not possess the necessary technical expertise or the time to do so on their own. And, with our sales offices in the USA and Canada, TD is in a position to readily understand and appreciate your technical needs and circumstances and thus be able to come up with imaginative, flexible and above all cost-saving, problem-solving solutions. We invite you to share with us whatever it is that is worrying you and your company's business efforts and we will do our best to find a ready solution. Trust us to become your valued offshore business counselor; whether it is a question of offering you a range of customized management systems, developing specialized data bases, or helping you execute comprehensive "E-Business Solutions", we stand ready to assist you!


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