Architectural Design

TEAM DHAKA (TD) provides top quality, cost-effective off-shore professional services to architects as well as to prospective clients who are engaged in geotechnical engineering, civil engineering, drafting and design work where both private and government-sponsored projects are being undertaken. Our services to you can be carried out on either a flat-rate or hourly basis and include:

  • Structural Design & Detailing - We can provide any type of structural design as per your requirements including an analysis of RCC, steel and wooden structures (including seismic analysis); steel fabrication drawings using the following Platforms: AutoCAD 14/2000 and STAAD-PRO.

  • Architectural Drafting - TD will handle all your private dwellings, commercial buildings and industrial architectural drafting and design requirements from conceptual sketches and blueprints. This includes the detailing of interiors, electrical and communications systems, plumbing and HVAC systems as well as 3 - D modeling of interior and exterior features.

  • Construction Drawings - We can serve as your construction drawing service provider, and are able to offer you all types of designs and drawings of landscapes, interior and exterior decorations including living and dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens. These same services can be offered to hotel and apartment construction, commercial offices and industrial facilities.

  • Building Cost Estimations - We can be your service provider where all your building estimation costs are concerned. Our team of experts will help guide you in securing the most cost-effective solutions to your building problems.

  • CAD Solutions - TD offers a wide range of services in the CAD field including: Paper to CAD conversion: converting paper drawings, i.e. civil, electrical, mechanical and schematic drawings, also topographical maps, contour maps to an AutoCAD format. Additionally, this technical area covers the creation of 3 D drawings and 3 D models of both architectural and mechanical subjects from 2 D drafted paper drawings. Platforms used include: AutoCAD 14/2000, AutoCAD MAP, CAD Overlay, Architectural Desktop.

  • Mapping / GIS - TD can offer spatial database creation (creation of maps), map conversion; raster to vector conversion and the creation of database linkages to maps using the following platforms: ARC Info, ARC view and AutoCAD MAP.

  • Mechanical Drafting - We can provide you with 2 D part / assembly drawings and 3 D modeling and 2 D to 3 D conversion using the AutoCAD 14/2000, and Mechanical Desktop platforms.


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